Development Projects

Yucatan Gardens:

This is the subdivision planned for approximately 14 acres directly across Yucatan Drive from Yucatan Park

November 1, 2021 UPDATE: This is my presentation for the November 3, 2021 Community Meeting:

Baywoods Orlando LLC

This is the large project on Lake Underhill at Cocos (the trees in the below photo are gone now). Pretty shocking to walk the loop at Capehart Park now. The construction is right on the other side of the fence.

Blue Diamond

Forsyth Road

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  1. Ramon Morales

    Good morning, Sir/Madam
    I’m all for progress in the community, and we welcome new homes. But
    any development of homes also brings more traffic, school overcrowding and safety issues. I, was in attendance a few years ago for this exact project, during this meeting
    we discussed that a wall not a chain link fence was too be constructed running from north to south to separate the Forsyth Oaks community from the Yucatan project. (Not)
    a chain link fence. Weeds are going to grow on it, and it will without a doubt lower our property value. I ask for a reconsideration for the chain link fence not to be constructed on land adjacent to Forsyth Oaks subdivision, A Vinyl fence be more acceptable.
    Ramon E Morales
    President Forsyth Oaks


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